About Doctor Puppet…

My name is Jay Tyson. I have been a professional puppeteer and puppet maker for 20 years. During my career I have had the pleasure of building and designing custom puppets for professional puppeteers, television programs, independent film, and church ministry groups. I pride myself in having high quality puppets built with a proven technique which I have learned and created throughout my career.

Being a puppeteer it has made me more aware of the needs of other puppeteers and the typical problems some puppet makers have when constructing puppets. I feel this has given me an edge that makes my puppets that much better. I use only the highest quality materials such as Antron nylon fleece (Muppet Fleece) and a variety of furs for the skins of characters and well constructed foam underneath.

I build everything to custom order so my characters are one of a kind.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Drpuppet: are you back to building puppets… I would love to have a head cover puppets built for my brothers 40th bday present…

    • I haven’t built any since January but what do you mean by ahead cover puppet? Are you talking about a mask that covers someone’s head that’s controlled by mechanism? And when is his 40th birthday?

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