FAQ page

Will you build me my favorite Muppet?
No! We don’t build Muppets. They are already puppets and not an art form being created and turned into puppets. That goes for any other puppet that is currently in existence at Disney or any other studio.

What materials do you use?
We use foam, furs and Antron nylon fleece (Muppet fleece) to construct our characters.

How long does it take to have a character custom made for me?
Usually about 6 to 8 weeks but can be less depending on the amount of orders in before yours.

Can I really have a caricature made from photos or drawings?
Absolutely we love to do caricatures; it’s always a challenge to create something to resemble a real person or even favorite pet.

Will you work with us or once we order is that the last time we hear from you until the package arrives?
Absolutely not we usually send along digital photos as we work to make sure we have the right kind of look for you. Often times this is during the fabric phase when it is more apparent how the final outcome will look. It is difficult for some people to tell from raw foam how the finished head will look.

Do you also make and sell costumes?
Yes but we don’t have an online order form because costume making depends on so many variable that they can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the complexity, size, design, etc.

Do you make puppets or monsters for movies?
Yes! We have in the past and can make any foam latex creature or character needed for any film. We have experience in cable and remote control systems and can give a wide range of expressions to your designs, or designs we have made for you.

Do you have access to puppeteers?
Yes we have puppeteers who work with us but in North Carolina.

Do you only use patterns to create your characters?
No we have built some of our nicest characters as sculpted puppets. That means we take a large block of foam and carve it into the shape we want. Then hollow it out and cover it wit the same Antron Nylon Fleece we use on our other puppets and costumes.

8 thoughts on “FAQ page

  1. Hi, can I see a price list or get an idea of how much it might be to create 2 caricature puppets of me and my husband? Thank you! We’re obsessed!

  2. Hi there. You do fantastic work, I am in awe of some of your creations! I am about to begin my journey in puppet making and wanted to ask you one question. When you make a custom puppet, can you explain to me how to make the pattern for the fleece that covers the foam head? I’ve seen one video but it seems very complicated. Is there a good way to explain this to a newbie? Thank you in advance!

    • It’s challenging to explain but there is a couple methods. First you can cover the head without noses etc lay the fabric on and then gather it where the seems need to be. Just do half the head. The once you have cut the areas where the seems are pull it back off trace the pattern and flip it across the centerline. Sometimes you don’t have a center line. For heads thst already have noses and other features already on them covering them is more complicated but it’s the same basic technique. But instead of doing half the head again you would probably do the entire head. I hope that’s helpful it’s hard without illustrations.

      • Thank you. Have you ever thought about tutorial videos or even ‘paid’ online classes, or don’t you want to divulge any trade secrets? 😉 I’d be first in line if you had any paid online classes.

        Thanks again!

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