Puppets at conventions

These are puppets at Sci Fi conventions we’ve gone to over the years

wpid-img_290918323070412.jpeg wpid-img_290923257764681.jpeg wpid-img_290928485721606.jpeg wpid-img_290933079016500.jpeg wpid-img_290938769093060.jpeg wpid-img_290943998553214.jpeg wpid-img_290980024939763.jpeg wpid-img_291001514937724.jpeg  wpid-img_291037482000992.jpeg wpid-img_291028223036099.jpeg wpid-img_291042947628749.jpeg wpid-img_291050315611143.jpeg wpid-img_291056753304161.jpeg wpid-img_290991989810540.jpegwpid-img_290906850614739.jpeg wpid-img_290911901954373.jpeg

Camden Toy one of the monster actors in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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