We have re-branded ourselves! Lately a lot of Doctor Puppets have sprung up and to avoid confusion and to illustrate our joy of creating pop cultural referenced puppets we now call ourselves Pop Culture Puppets! We are excited about this fresh start! So challenge us with your favorite movie, television show, or video game character! One exception we don’t build Muppets. They are already puppets and not an art form being created and turned into puppets.

Working a knight series with helmets swords and shields. Designed f0r the smaller puppets currently. Photos to come soon.

Children’s Art Puppets:
We are now creating puppets from kids artwork. We have long created puppets from client drawings or photos. Now we are doing the same for children’s drawings. Making puppets of their original creations. We just need the drawing and will design and original puppet based on their art.

Christmas Ornaments:
We are developing a series of Christmas ornaments similar to what we did last year. They will be sold in sets along with Christmas themed puppets.

2 thoughts on “News

  1. Do you still make custom puppets from a picture. If so do you have an approximate cost
    You can email or call mW at 402 659-9898. Thanks

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